Inspection by drone

Do you own a building or an insurance expert and need to perform an inspection of an area that is difficult to access? Do you need to check for damage to the roof of a building, the condition of solar panels, or corrosion of a pylon? Is having an overview of a site and its equipment a complex task?

With detailed and objective visual information, it is easier to assess the condition of goods and properties. Access to an area to be inspected is sometimes complex, difficult and dangerous: following damage (storm, wind, fire, …). In some cases, a drone can move much more easily around obstacles.

In the context of insurance, drone inspection is used to assess properties. Images are useful in prevention to provide an initial reference point, and after an incident to see the damage.

With our drone inspection service, you can quickly get accurate images of hard-to-reach areas. You can also follow and direct the mission in real time (on site, or remotely with a video broadcast) to further speed up the decision-making process.

Our service is focused on flexibility, responsiveness and quality of results. We also use a professional drone that can fly in difficult conditions if necessary.