Cloud Surfing, a drone point of view for more quality of service

Multipurpose drone

We provide aerial photo and video services with drones in various domains, like inspection, event, photogrammetry, real estate and agriculture.

Our approach is based on result quality and customization. There is no unique solution, and understanding your needs is our main priority to provide you the most appropriate service.

Our expertise is based on a deep technical understanding, supported by the will to bring a modern touch to our solutions.

We also make a point to provide a serious and professional service. This is why drone piloting is done under the guise of  and an industry-recognized class-1 pilot licence.



Are you an insurance expert or real estate professional and you need to inspect a place that is difficult to access? Do you need to check the damage to the roof of a building? Is assessing the current state of a site and its equipment a complex task?

In general, we can perform the inspection process of a hazardous area with much less risk.

We can also produce geometrically corrected 2D maps (orthophotography) and 3D models of your sites and buildings, in order to be able to perform in-depth analyzes, as well as very precise measurements of length, surfaces, angles and volumes.

We are also able to provide infra-red imaging to check solar panels and building insulation, detect pipeline leaks, etc.


Are you a wedding and event photographer and do your customers want to add a special touch to the photo or video report of their wedding? Are you organizing a family event or other party and would you like to keep a special memory?

We are here to provide you with unforgettable and high quality aerial images and videos.

It is also possible to act as a second photographer for aerial or conventional “terrestrial” images, and to vary and combine points of view.

Real estate

Are you a real estate agent and you want to increase the sales value and better target the clientele of your property? In general, do you want to show a more attractive point of view of houses for sale or rent?

We put real estate property forward with attractive photos and aerial videos. By taking a different point of view, both technically and through the photographer’s eye, you will be surprised at the impact on your customers.

We also produce a “traditional” ground photo report to produce a complete, high quality solution.

On demand, we can also produce 3D models of buildings, in order to precisely measure distances, surfaces, and volumes in preparation of any work or property extensions.


You are a farmer and want to increase your farm yield? Knowing the health of your plants is an important factor? Do you want to reduce the amount of fertilizer to its optimum level? Precise measurements of the area of ​​your plots would help your performance calculations?

Using modern techniques, we provide accurate vegetation health images that can be directly incorporated into your fertilizer spraying equipment.

The gain is multiple: less fertilizer, so less money spent; less time spent in manual analyzes; more yield, etc.

We provide 2D RGB and NDVI maps that are more accurate than satellite imagery.


Here are some examples of our achievements.

Real estate

External aerial shot of a house in Auderghem, Brussels, to show the property in its whole and get an idea of ​​the different outdoor spaces.

Aerial video of a house in Woluwé-Saint-Pierre, Brussels, showing a glimpse of the property, but also the neighborhood and surrounding area.


An aerial shooting was made for AXA Belgium, demonstrating the opportunity to make industrial roof inspection more easily.

Example video made during an inspection in the framework of forest management. Shooting in height makes it possible to more quickly target the areas to be further investigated.

In this same project, we made a map of an area of ​​trees to be cut. The map produced makes it possible to measure the area, but also to locate the concerned trees more easily.


During a family reunion, we produced a video, showing both the reception and the beauty of the landscape on the heights of Wépion.


Aerial walks in nature to show the types of camera shots possible.


Are you convinced that our drone solutions can bring you added value?

We have defined some basic packages that will give you an idea of ​​the various possible scenarios. At Cloud Surfing we believe that every request is unique,  so do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made offer.



  • 10 to 20 minutes flight
  • Delivery of raw photos and/or videos

This package responds to most simple situations, where the goal is clearly defined, and if you handle visual post-production.

Not included:

  • Travel
  • Eventual additional taxes for derogation


  • 25 to 50 minutes flight
  • Delivery of raw photos and/or videos
  • Photo post-treatment of 10 pictures
  • Basic video assembly (30 seconds film)

This formula is ideal for more complex situations or requiring more images or videos. We also take care of the photo editing (levels corrections, grain, colorimetry) or basic video assembly.

Not included:

  • Travel


  • 50 – 100′ flight
  • Delivery of raw photos and/or videos
  • Photo post-treatment of 50 pictures
  • Advanced video assembly (5 minutes film)

This formula corresponds to a service including a greater amount of flights, which can be spread over a day. We also take care of the photo editing (levels corrections, grain, colorimetry) or video editing with basic effects (title, transitions, levels corrections).

Not included:

  • Travel


  • Photo post-production
  • Video assembly and post-treatment
  • 2D / 3D mapping (photogrammetry)

Of course, we also offer post-production services for photo (cropping, curves, colors, …) and video (editing, effects), but also reconstruction of 2D maps like Google Maps, or 3D models that you can display online or export in most standard formats.

If you have a specific need, we will be happy to discuss it with you to find the most suitable solution.

For any information, request, quotation or just to say hello, feel free to contact us.