What is Cloud Surfing ?

Cloud Surfing literally means the action of sliding on clouds. This is a bit like the what a drone does by moving in the air. It is also representative of the cloud technologies used, and their smooth and transparent integration into the services we offer. Not to be confused with crowd surfing, or maybe a little bit …

Behind Cloud Surfing, there is a passion for technology and photography, and a person called Fabian Louwers

Working for many years in the field of new technologies and computing, and with a passion for radio-control and photography, it is only natural that I had the idea to combine my passion by creating an innovative service.

Meticulous and attentive to people, I will always work to find the best solution to your request.


I want to make a point of honor to the serious of my services. That’s why all missions are conducted in an official and transparent manner.

As a professional pilot, I have an official European license , all the necessary legal authorizations, as well as a specific liability insurance.

Risk management is a priority, and any mission will be prepared taking into account the area overflown (complexity, airspace, …) and the weather.


Do you have questions about what we do, about drone technology, or do you wonder how drones can help you? Contact me! I will be happy to discuss with you.

I am located in Brussels. This allows me to have a central position to move throughout Belgium and nearby European countries.