Here are some examples of our achievements.

Real estate

External aerial shot of a house in Auderghem, Brussels, to show the property in its whole and get an idea of ​​the different outdoor spaces.

Aerial video of a house in Woluwé-Saint-Pierre, Brussels, showing a glimpse of the property, but also the neighborhood and surrounding area.


An aerial shooting was made for AXA Belgium, demonstrating the opportunity to make industrial roof inspection more easily.

Example video made during an inspection in the framework of forest management. Shooting in height makes it possible to more quickly target the areas to be further investigated.

In this same project, we made a map of an area of ​​trees to be cut. The map produced makes it possible to measure the area, but also to locate the concerned trees more easily.


During a family reunion, we produced a video, showing both the reception and the beauty of the landscape on the heights of Wépion.


Aerial walks in nature to show the types of camera shots possible.